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How to tone your BUTT through low carbohydrate diet

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Do you want to reduce your butt? Are you willing to do anything for getting your desired butt shape and size? If yes, then this article is for you!

Remember, there is no magic tablet developed so far that will give you your dream body overnight. You will have to work hard and show determination for your wish to come true.

There are many exercises to tone your lower body part like squat, hip lifts, etc. But have you ever heard of ‘low carbohydrate diet’ for reducing your hips?

Coupling exercise with healthy eating habits can trigger your body to reduce the excess deposits of fat stored at buttock. This means that by following this simple rule ‘Burn more calories than you take in everyday’ can do wonders.

Low carbohydrate diet is very common these days. A lot of dieticians recommend it because of its proven benefits. Low carb diet not only reduces hips but it melts away the extra fat from all over your body.

Mentioned below are some useful tips for low carb diet

Befriend with fruits

Fruits are the miracle food that is delicious and nutritious at the same time. They are low caloric and have minimal carbohydrate levels. You might argue that fruits have sugars in them, but here is the good news, these sugars are low in quantity. Their glycemic load is low and are not harmful to your body.

The term glycemic load is used to collectively describe glycemic index and the amount of carbohydrates in food.

Fruits are an excellent source of fibers as well which promote proper bowel movement.

Love vegetables

cooked vegetables in a pan

Image: / George Hodan

Vegetables are another source of energy that is low caloric and low carb. They are very healthy and highly nutritious. They provide almost all the minerals and vitamins required by the body. In fact, dieticians say that add as many vegetables to your diet as possible.

Carbohydrates with low glycemic index

It is not right to cut off carbohydrates entirely from your diet. You can have carbs but be very smart when choosing their source. Avoid refined and processed foods. Take in complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index like wholegrain cereals, brown bread. They break down slowly thus releasing energy at a slower pace and keeping satiety levels maintained.

Avoid fried food

Fried food comes at the top of the list in food sources of weight gain. French fries, fried chicken, burgers, etc. are the most common examples. They are rich in calories and carbs. If you want to reduce weight, especially from the butt, then cut off fried and junk food altogether.

Water is life

There is no second thought on the importance of water. It keeps your body hydrated and keeps you active, alert and fresh. Women should take in at least six large glass of water on a daily basis and men should take in at least eight large glass.

Try these tips along with proper workout and tone your butt in the best possible shape.

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