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How to tone your BUTT through exercise

Image: / marymccraft
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“I am not that fat, but my BUTT is huge!”

“I want my BUTT to be a light tighter.”

You must have come across this kind of statements at some point in your life.  Honestly, butt is one of those parts of the human body that looks odd when they are not in shape. Most people believe that without joining a gym or paying hundreds of dollars to fitness trainers, reducing butt is just another dream that would never come true. But here is the good news, it is possible! You can tone your butt with some simple exercises at home. All you need is conviction.

Mentioned below are some of the most renowned and useful exercises that can help you achieve you desired butt size.

1.    Say YES to stairs

Begin with the simplest and easiest method, using stairs. When given a choice, most of us would prefer using escalators or lift instead of stairs. Guess what, using stairs burn a lot of calories.

Studies have shown that people who climb stairs lose, almost, the same amount of calories as those who hike (provided they maintain same time and relative intensity).

2.    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT includes a series of exercises that increase your heart rate and burn fat quickly. Some of the HIIT exercises are

  • Jumping jack
  • Jogging (In pace)
  • Planks
  • Pushups
  • Leg Lifts

This set of exercises is highly recommended to burn fat and tighten butt.

3.    Hip-lift

This exercise particularly focuses buttock. It is highly recommended by fitness trainers to tone the lower part of the body.


  • Lay flat on the floor with your arms on both sides.
  • Now bend your knees with your feet touching the ground
  • Lift your hip above the ground for 1-3 seconds and then move it back
  • Squeeze your hamstring and glutes while lifting the hip

4.    Squat

Another simple exercise! There are multiple forms of squat each involving one or two different moves. Mentioned here is the simplest form that, as a beginner, will be easier than the other types.


  • Stand straight on ground with your feet hip-apart
  • Move your hip backward as much as you can without moving your feet
  • While doing so, put pressure on your heels instead of your spine
  • When you move your hip back, stretch your arms forward such that they are perpendicular to the ground
  • Now move back to the standing position with arms lying straight on your either sides

5.    Lunging

Lunging might be a little hard for you in the beginning, but it will prove helpful. It requires you to stretch your leg muscles.

womens legs

Image: / Engin_Akyurt


  • Stand straight on the ground
  • Move your right leg backward as much as possible
  • Lift your right heel
  • Bend your front (left) knee at 90 degree
  • Move your right leg forward at initial position and stand straight
  • Now repeat the steps for left leg

What are you waiting for? Start today and give yourself at least 30 minutes each day.

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