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Contouring Butts – Essential Tips

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Along with workouts, you need to change your lifestyle a little to get rounder, perkier and firmer derriere. Aging and genetics have a very important impact on your body shape. With the passing age, your muscles start to lose their flexibility. Genetic makeup determines which shape the gluteal muscles will be placed and contoured. However, with good diet and exercise, you can get desirable results.

1.     Do your squats twice a week

  • Do squats, step-ups, deadlifts twice or thrice a week depending on stamina and muscle mass.

2.     Cardio – Weights

  • Combination of cardio and weights tends to form a lean perky butt.
  • Weights will lean the glutes.
  • Cardio like walking, running, stair climbing and inclined hill walking will burn the fat.

3.     Stretching your body

  • Stretch your muscles before the workout to avoid any pain and injury.
  • Stretching after cardio will improve flexibility in your body.
  • For those of you who wish to seek weight training, they should go for foam rolling which is rolling your muscles over the foam cylinder. This will upsurge the effect on your butts.

4.     Fuel your body

  • Balanced diet with good fats, proteins and carbohydrates are all that you need.
  • Dietary changes like fibre intake, act as a building blocks essential for toned buttocks.
  • Add more protein to your diet to form the layer of fat above your butt muscles. It will give them curvy look.
  • Good protein sources are low-fat yogurt, skimmed milk, eggs, fish, turkey, legumes, meat, soy protein, hemp protein, and whey protein.
  • For large butt, eat unsaturated fats which include rice bran oil, fish oil, avocado, seeds and nuts, oily fish, canola oil, sunflower oil and peanut butter.
  • Vitamins and minerals are essential for proper body functioning. To prevent your body from exhausting, start intake of fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans and nuts.
  • The level of resistance that your body show during the workout depends on your intake of carbohydrates quantity. Good sources of carbohydrates include corn, barley, wheat bread, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, brown rice, apples, potatoes, and grapefruits.

5.     Change your lifestyle


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  • Sleep early and wake up early in the morning so that you have plenty of time to exercise.
  • Sleep at least seven hours. It allows your body to build muscles and rejuvenate your brain cells.
  • Drink plenty of water. It will detoxify your body and you will feel refreshing all the time.
  • Do outdoor aerobic exercise that will target your glutes like skipping.
  • Biking is very helpful for toning your muscles of thighs, legs and butts.

6.     Reduce pain in buttock

  • Due to overuse, muscle strain and sciatica, your body may face pain in gluteal muscles.
  • To reduce the pain or avoid from causing it, use overhead leg extension stretch to stretch gluteal across the range of motions.
  • Piriformis muscle is present deep in the gluteal muscles. Sitting straight with legs straight on the floor, cross your legs and stretch your body by extending your arms. This will hit the piriformis muscle.

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