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We see models and we aspire to be like them. The perfect figure, tone and skin, everything is draped in beauty that leaves you in awe. The curves worth having are something we all want. Coming down to the bums we adore, they may seem like the most perfect round objects to fall for, and at the same time, impossible to have. Mainly because we think they were lucky enough to own them since birth. Or well, they spend tons of bucks to get those bums shaped up. Well, we have some really good news. You no longer need to have shagging down or flat bums anymore. From gossips right from the celebrity trainers of Victoria’s Secrets, we are going to tip you off the secret to owning the perfectly shaped bums just like those Angels. And no, you don’t need intensive workouts and expensive makeover procedures to bring them to the right tone and firmness, we are gonna spill the fitness hack these angels use to stay fit as well as keep the booty game strong.



Take note ladies, you need workouts! Yes you heard it right. Some good combination of workouts put together on a routine basis can help you earn those enviable bottocks. And these are not really extensive exercises but again, you will need to put in efforts for the result will be worth it. Just do them at home and get those round gorgeous butts you’ve always wanted or well, the ones you always envied.

Exercise, hard and fast!

The models are trained hard and fast, no doubt. But with a mix of different kinds of trainings as well as exercises added to the routine. To name some cardio, yoga moves and weightlifting are in those butt-rounding mixes.


Cardio isn’t the Answer

Using strength training is one of the best method to get a shaped up firm butt. Of course, that doesn’t mean overloading your exercise routine with cardio. That doesn’t mean cutting the cardio off entirely. A fast paced 15 minute cardio can do the work just fine and that too atmost three times a week.

Strength training is definitely the way to have toned and lifted bums and works better than many other alternatives. But what’s really needed, as our secret whisperer tells us is resistance Exercises. It stresses out your muscles and that in turn helps shape up your bums perfectly.

Getting Rounder and Better Bum

The exercises to try out include lunges mainly, that stress your muscles of your bum along with butt lifts with flat spine lying and squats of course. You can make up a pretty good mix of exercises and routines to follow with the combination of these exercises and voila! Amazing bums you always dreamed of and now finally yours!

Final and Most Important Tip

The fun part though, as the trainer tells us, is that he keeps the exercising mixes random and fun. So try something new every time, a new combination to add an element of fun to your workout routine. So, there you have it! The ultimate guide and Victoria’s Secret class of bums are yours to be!

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