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Everybody is conscious about their figure and want to get in tip top shape. We all want the right kind of curves that make us stylish and give us a chance to show off our bodies too as we don on cool clothes that accent them! Same goes for your butt, having the right shape of which lets you put on the coolest and hottest jeans and tights wherever you go with pride as you show off those tight buttocks.

Now the question is, what exercises to do to get your butts in shape? There are so many guides and blogs and it can get all confusing. So here is a comprehensive guide on choosing the right butt exercises that depend on the shape of your butt! That’s right, now you can start off from where needed and get right to shaping them the way you want to! Fitness and butt shaping both come in one go, cool, isn’t it?

Getting Started

So, let’s get started. First off, figure out your butt type. It is completely okay if you are not aware of your bum type, many people don’t. So, don’t worry, we have you covered. To determine your butt type, take shots of your buttocks or lower body; side angle, front and diagonal one as well. These pictures will help you determine what kind of butt do you have and based on that, you can follow our guide to do the right exercises!

Butt  Exercises

Butt Type Based Exercises

Once you’ve figured out your butt type, here are the exercises we have for each type that you can do at home to get those butts in shape!


Square butt type corresponds to one which falls off a bit at the bottom and has more excess around the waist side of butts, the top part. To lift your butt and shape it uniformly experts recommend focusing on gluteus Medius, the muscular structure closer to your waist. For such butt types, adding rotations to lunges and to legwork can effectively help you lift the butt up all the while working on your waist as well. You can give forward lunges with rotation and a curtsy lunge a go as well, if you are in for a bit intensive workout.


Round shape is the right O shape that simply requires maintenance. You’re lucky with this butt shape. Although, an overall workout that tends to the muscular structure of the butts is required to keep them in shape. So, if you are round typed, go for lunges, Plies, sidekicks and you’ll be alright.

Butt  Exercises


Heart shapers don’t need any further work on the maximus area but do need to tone on the hamstring and Medius area a bit. For lifting the butts just right, experts suggest using lateral movements and rear leg extensions to target the said areas and work things out.


Inverted V means your butts are sagging down and require some work in the maximus region. Experts suggest leg lift and squat series to tone down to the inverted V. Series involving exercise balls can help you a great deal. Also give all four lateral raises a try as well to get that booty in the right shape to shake.


Since each exercise is designed to target a set of muscles, knowing your butt type makes it easier to determine which muscle of your bums need work. Take control of your figure, and own the perfect, tight and firm tushy!

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