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Butt Workout Benefits More Than Just Looks

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Majority of the people out there consider carrying out special exercises for butts are driven by the prospect of either sculpting tightened buttocks, that look chiseled out of stone, either to look beautiful, handsome and sexy or to fill out their favorite pair of jeans. But when it comes to butt exercises, there’s so much more that they can offer. A person’s butt consists of three major muscles: the glute maximus, glute medius, and glute minimus. This is one of the most important group of muscles as it plays a major part in the extension of the hip, lateral motion to the side, and internal and external rotation of hip. Being one of the most important groups of muscles in human body, the gluteus muscles should always be in top notch form but, unfortunately, they’re more often weak and underworked.

A considerable part of their jobs usually demands from most people to spend a lot of time sitting. But, the more time people spend sitting the more it causes their glutes to grow weak and they stop firing as efficiently, effectively, and strongly as they should. The inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the functioning of glutes causes the hip flexors (the muscles that pull the thigh forward) to get tight and can make them weak and more prone to damage, leading to pain in lower back and lower half their body. Although, when you are performing butt workouts on regular basis, you don’t have to deal with weakened glutes and you gain some benefits that go beyond just looks.

Benefits of Butt Workouts:

butt workout benifet

Eradicates Back Pain:

Once you start concentrating on building up your glute muscles the ever-present lower back pain will dissipate. Your gluteus muscles, when in action, work to stabilize the pelvis and help smoothen the movement in the hip joint. Therefore, once you get your glutes strong enough, your lower back won’t bear the brunt of your motion, hence, eradicating back pain for good.

Butt Workout

Better Athletic Performance:

Stronger glutes can help you improve your speed, agility, and jumping skills, also making quick side-to-side movements much easier. Every time you take a step, your glute maximus provides support your pelvis for stability and while running the support required by the pelvis becomes more, since the force of impact increases exponentially on each foot strike. A strong glute maximus provides your pelvis with that extra support it need, causing your athletic ability to improve.


Prevents Pain in Knees and Ankles:

When your pelvis isn’t stable, your knees and ankles have to bear some extra bit of pressure to compensate, which ultimately serves as the cause of knee pain. Strong glute medius helps keep the pelvis from swaying side to side, adding to the stability provided by glute maximus, which ultimately results in the prevention of knee and ankle pains.

So, butt workouts and a tightened tushy don’t just serve for better looks, but they also help improve one’s health, fitness and athletic abilities.



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